Remove download files from the controller

I have accidentally downloaded files to my controller and now I want to delete them so I can actually add what I would like. So how do you go about deleting the downloaded files if there is a way?

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That didn’t work

It would be great if 1F could provide an easier way to manage these files, as this seems overly complicated. Why make the files easy to add, yet difficult to remove?

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Select the file you want to delete from the list on the controller, push the trashcan icon, it gets deleted. What part of that process is difficult? How could we make it easier?


What am I missing? I thought I had to do this;

How To Remove All Gcode Files Manually (Fix for stuck file)

From the main control screen, select the file you want to delete from the ‘dropdown file list’, then click on the trash can icon, ‘file delete’.


What about when you hit the file download button how do you delete those files that are downloaded to the controller not the web interface.

That’s a fix for if you have a file that can’t be removed. It happened to me once. The controller would get to the point where it wanted to home after booting up and would go no further. It’s rare that you would need to use it. Like support said, the normal way to remove loaded files is with the trash can.

The files from Home than click download there is no trashcan option or delete that I’ve found.

You don’t do it from the ‘upload’ button. you do it via the trash can icon.

The files that Tyler is talking about are on the Desktop of the Pi. If you hit Desktop on the left side of the screen it brings you to the Download folder. I think they are accidentally downloaded my clicking the File download button I have (4) files in my download folder that are not in the drop down menu to delete. I have clicked on one and loaded it to the controller, then clicked the trash can and it deletes it from the loaded file but when I return to the Download folder the file is still there.


Ding ding he is correct it’s what I’ve been saying they are downloaded to the controller there is no delete button… thank you now can someone help me just clean up so I can organize my files on my controller.

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Every time I turn on my controller there is a G Code loaded for a waste board. I select it and delete it and its gets deleted but when I turn off my controller and start up again the next day that file shows up again. I can always delete it but it always comes back whenever I restart the controller. Is the a way to permanently delete it?

So I guess I have to do these confusing steps

Or just ignore the files in the incorrect downloads folder.

You could SSH to the controller and delete them from the terminal, I don’t know if that is any less confusing or dangerous and may result in you re flashing the controller if you do it wrong :wink:

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I only use the USB to load files so I haven’t had this problem. But has anyone tried using a mouse? I thought I read that a right click on a file in pi will bring up the option to delete the file.

If you press and hold on the touch screen it will pop out the same menu as you would get with a right click.