Freeze up on start up

I boot the machine up and the screen says Home the machine? I click yes
the screen behind it says "Processing New File…Please wait…
Simulating GCode to check for errors. calculate ETA and generate 3D view
Simulating 0.00%
and I wait…
and wait…

this whole time the messages are white and the remaining screen is gray as if it had been selected.

Touch screen is working and moves the Cursor
USB Mouse works also

I purchased this last year and am now learning to use it. I have had 1 successful carve project to date and this happened when i tried to load project via thumb drive.


Is it a massive file? Big files can take a while to load, but not forever.

Have you tried accessing the control screen through a laptop/desktop browser to see if that is any different.


The file is 90.6KB NGC file