Loading Carbide Create file

Loading file through a thumb drive and it does not see the file. Do I have to change the file extention to something else? When I load it through the network I get errors.

Which postprocessor in Carbide Create did you use to create the toolpath(s)? I think the postprocessor output is .nc

I downloaded the file from MyersWoodworking. It’s a wasteboard file.
Also I’m a newbie.

@gdog1954 - did you download the gcode file or the carbide create file? I’m not familiar with what Ben offers. Generally, I would not recommend using a gcode file directly - you don’t necessarily know the stock size, where the machine should be homed, and a variety of other things. His shop seems to be on break right now, so I can’t dig further.


I’m just learning so I figured it out. I was suppose to save his file to gcode and that’s what I did. So thank you for trying to help.

I am having a similar problem. I save my gcode files to a thumb drive. When I try to open them on the included display I have a heck of a time getting the All Files to open so I can select the files I want to run. Would a mouse make this any easier or am I doing something wrong? Or is the a trick to getting to the All Files selection? I can provide photos if it will help.

I have my Onefinity connected through WiFi so I load my files from the computer.

Just passing on a few things I have learned using my OneFinity. I was having a hard time getting files from my thumb drive to the onefinity controller due to the size of the display and my fat fingers. When I added a mouse things became much easier. I have been using a MacBook and was unable to transfer files from my desktop to the 1F. That is why I was using a thumb drive. I have since started using a windows machine and I can now do everything from my windows desktop.