Problems getting a file to OneFinity from Carbide Create

I am stumped. I have a few different files I made in Carbide Create and I cannot get past the point of chose file. I have tried using the GRBL post processor, the Basic Code, and Shapeoko. I have tried loading the files from a USB stick and from a computer over WIFI. When I get to the point of selecting a file all of the files I have made are grayed out and I cannot select them. I am working from Carbide Create build 514. any guidance would be appreciated.

Have you tried shutting down and starting your controller back up? When access your controller from remote sometimes I have had to clear the browser cache on PC, and then try uploading the file.

I did not get a chance to try that as I ran out of time to test/troubleshoot for today.

Hi I’m new here and just got my OF yesterday, I’m running on similar issue with CC, I’m using MacBook and cannot transfer to USB my gcode file. Have you solved your issue ?? Thanks would appreciate very much.

I had some older USB Drives laying around that worked. From what I have been reading if the are usb 3.0 Thumb drives they will not currently work with OF. I stopped using my MacBook and switched to a windows computer as I could not use Vetric software on a Mac. Fusion was kicking my butt trying to learn it, and Carbide Create had a lot of limitations on what I could do.

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Thanks BB. I will try to use MS and hope for the best.

When I was using my MacBook, I had to put any files I wanted to cut on a USB and carry them out to the OF. For some reason I could see my OF with my MacBook, I could see the same display that you see on the screen that comes with the OF. But I could not transfer a file from my Mac to the OF. When I switched to a windows machine, I could now select a file from my windows machine and run it without using a usb drive.

Thanks BB. Looks like I need windows.