Carbide Create 3d loading to OF

I created a 3d file on Carbide. What now to get the file to Onefinity

copy the .nc file (once you have made your tool paths in carbide create) to a usb drive.

plug the usb into your onefinity’s usb port, click the “open folder” & select the file you want to run.

home & zero your 1F, turn on your router & click play & you’re on your way.

Ok so just like using Easel or Vcarve. I thought I would have to create a bitmap file or something, upload to vcarve, create a cut file then cut. Good to know I don’t. Thank you

well, you’ll need to create your tool paths in carbide create then generate the g-code, then upload it to your 1F.
the newest versions of CC has a cool feature that lets you trace an image that you can create your tool paths from.