Transferring Vcarve files not working!

Every time I try to export a file from Vcarve to the controller, it does not recognize any file I try to send!! The controller will not read my thumb drive as well. Is there a way to reboot the controller back to factory settings? I just can’t figure out why nothing will work!! The only file I can use is the Onedinity sign that came with the machine. Help my sorry self out please!!!

are you sure you’re loading gcode (.nc/.ngc) files and not vectric design(.crv) files?

Once you have completed your design in the drawing tab, you then go to the toolpaths tab to create the necessary toolpaths (profile/pocket/vcarve etc.) for your design. Preview the toolpaths you have created then if OK, generate each toolpath in a separate file (if you are using different bits) and save them to your USB thumb drive and transfer to the Onefinity Controller. They will appear with a filename followed by .ngc extension.

@SteveyT As a thought, have you loaded the post processor for the OneFinity in your VCarve Pro software? I recall when I first started using VCarve, I was not using the right post processor.