Using Vcarve pro

I used a design that was off the internet. Re fitted it to my board / size desired. Did the tool path . The g codes and all… when I got it on the 1f I get this.! Why ?1610683247306264095182768890910|375x500 16106833796262094625670057258744|375x500

On the controller, it looks like you are set to metric and your vcarve file is set to inches. Maybe that’s throwing things off?

What @Mirramjr said, be aware that the controller defaults to mm, and you will have to change it to inches each time you start the controller.

Looks like your job size in Vcarve Pro for Y axis is set to 33 inches. That’s larger than what the machine is capable of, which is 32.25 inches (I think).

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Also check your datum position. Looks like it’s far off the board -37x -12y. The toolpath preview shows the toolpath hanging off the left side of the workpiece. If you’re not tiling the job, then your material dimensions have to be 32.25 X 32.26 inches or smaller.

Thank you all for your help and suggestions. I had to have my controller box replaced. Didn’t reset all the settings from mm to inches… reduced the size of the material. Reset datum position, didnt catch that and not sure how that got set so wonky. If I didn’t have to go to work now it would be cutting as I’m typing… damn work !.. lol


Still waiting for my machine to come in … and waiting … and getting antsy! I ordered VCarve Pro, on a separate invoice, from Onefinity when I ordered the machine. What file format do I need to be looking at/for in plans/files I get off the Internet to play with to learn the software???