Will not cut to the designed measurements

I just purchased the Onefinity CNC machine (X-50 woodworker), and I am using Vectric VCarve PRO software. I created a project in VCarve PRO using the measurements 12” X 12” but when I upload the toolpath into the controller on the CNC it cuts it 15.5” X 8.25”. I have tried to set my X & Y in the center and in the left bottom corner and I always set my Z to the material surface. However, no matter what I do, I cannot get it to cut to the designated measurements. I also did one of the emoji 3D files from Vectric and instead of it cutting it into a circle, it cut it into an oval. Someone please help me solve this problem.

Hey William,

I don’t know if you already tried this

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Try this one, without all the Wiki information appended at the bottom…

That fixed it thank you so very much!

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