Cutting Oblong circle

It probably a simple answer but ive been trying to cut out a round badge for an hour and all it wants to do is cut it in an oval shape instead of a round one , any help would be appricaited

Hey Richard,

do you have a Journeyman X-50 or Woodworker X-50, or an Upgrade to one of those? If so, those have a 1616 ballscrew on X Axis, but it could be that your Onefinity Controller is set to the default for a 1610 ballscrew (used on Woodworker X-35). This would lead to a toolpath for a circle to be cut as an oval.

If this is the case, this error can be fixed on the Motors Tab, on Motor “0” (which should be set to “X” axis), you have to edit the travel-per-rev setting from “10” to “16”, as is explained here. The setting for the other motors must remain at default value.

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