Oval Shape instead of Round

Hello Everyone I am having issues trying to cut a 5" x 5" circle on my OF everything looks good on the toolpaths drawing, saving the toolpaths on a USB using PostProcessor: Onefinity (inch) (*.ngc), unfortunately the CNC is cutting “Oval” shape instead of a circle, using VCarve Pro. any help will be greatly appreciated.
10/23 Forgot to mention I got an upgrade from the original X-35 to X-50 Woodworker (waiting for my X-50 Journeyman) do I need to make any changes on the motor 0 (X-Axis)?

Hey Mmendez,

Did you have a look at this entry in Forum User’s FAQ

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Hello Aiph5u Thank you for your help,
I did see the entry but apparently These settings only apply to X-50 Woodworker? I have the “Original” OF
Update: Yes I do have the X-50 Woodworker upgrade, , changed the travel to 16mm and still same issue

Hey Mmendez,

You may re-check all settings on the Motor Tab, especially

  • that you seleceted motor “0”, and
  • that it is set to axis “X”,
  • and that you clicked “Save” on the top left

Can you show a picture of the resulting workpiece?

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Hello Aiph5u sorry for the delay, pictures attached, as you can see the drawing is about 5" x 5" round but when I send it to the machine it results on a “Oval”

, Aside from that I “0” my Z and the design goes to the side of the square.
Thanks for the helpIG Logo CNC 10_22_1-IG Outside.ngc (14.6 KB)
IG Logo CNC 10_22_2-IG Inside.ngc (32.7 KB)
Included the G codes as well TX

Hey Mmendez,

this looks like a 10:16 issue. Are you sure you have all settings in the Motors Tab for Motor “0” (which should be set to X axis) exactly like showed in this posting:

Proper Motor Settings for x-50 rails (Woodworker and Journeyman), with 1616 ball screw configuration

Can you also check that for the motor of Y Axes, the travel-per-rev MUST NOT be 16, but 10.

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If you manually move the 1F does it move to the full extent in both the X and Y directions? Looking at your picture it looks like the Y and X are off (I assume the square is 5" by 5"). If you measure the circle in both directions what do you get for measurements? I think the circle not being in the square is a result of both axis being off. If you can take a picture of the motor set up page for both the X and the Y.

Hello Aiph5u Thanks for the fast reply
This issue has been challenging for me, good excuse to spend Sunday Home LOL
I am trying to restore the controls to it’s default setting and then re-enter 16 on the Travel per rev.
Will keep you posted

Hello Alex trying to restart the module, will send a couple of pictures in a few

Hello Alex yes the square is about 5" x 5" the final circle is about 7" on X axis and around 5" on it’s X axis

Hello Aiph5u SUCESSFUL CIRCLE after setting as per your suggestion on the Travel
Thanks a lot,
1 issue out the way, now to deal with the of center problem :slight_smile:
Pictures attached

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Hey Mmendez,

just for the record (and for the FAQ): What was the exact cause of the error?

Did you set the travel-per-rev

  • to “16” on both motors, X and Y?

Hello Alex pictures of X and Y Axis attached

Hello Aiph5U You are correct the problem was on the Travel-per-rev changed from 10 to 16 on the “X” only
Y remained on 10
I also reboot the operating system

Do these pics of the Motor Tab show the settings while error occured or when succeeded?

Pictures taken after error fixed/Succeeded
Thanks Aiph5u

Nice. Did it fix the issue with the circle not being in the correct location? That could be from not setting the zero in the lower left corner before creating the G code. I’ve only used Fusion so I can’t help with any other programs. But with Fusion it defaults to the center of the project.

Hello Alex it indeed fixed the first issue which was the circle not been round, the second issue I can overlook until I find the solution for the time being I can just play around with the board