Vcarve Friendly Fonts In Carveco?

Hi all,

Anyone using Carveco have some preferred fonts they are using which are Vcarve friendly? After spending hours trying to clean up errors with the Vector Doctor on some selected fonts I think I would just prefer to stick with fonts which are “clean” since the Vector Doctor seems to be able to ID errors, but the toolset to correct them is very hit or miss.

Hey, This is always an issue in software as most fonts that are designed are more for print than machining. That being said you can certainly find loads that do work. Especially the thicker type ones, a few scripts are also good, but off the top of my head, Im sorry I can’t remember the names of them. TBH, this is an issue in most software, due to how the fonts are designed.


Thanks Rob. I know this is really a font issue vs. a software issue. Just hoping someone else had already gone through the trial and error that I’m doing now. I appreciate your response!