Which software is most user friendly to the newbie?

I have started with Carveco, I am wondering if I should have started with something else.

I know nothing about CNC but I started on Vetric VCarve Pro just recently and found it very user friendly and easy to learn the basics, tons of online videos too

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What style of things are you wanting to make? 3D carves, V-carve text, 2.5D profiles, something else?

Mostly starting off with signs and cribbage boards etc. Then evolve into 3D carves.
Carveco seems a little advanced and pricey for the beginner.
I am not real fast on a computer either, (search and punch typing)

Vcarve pro has been very easy for me to learn. I have a few years in other software systems (auto cad, fusion 360, Autodesk inventor, sketch-up) because of my profession but Vcarve pro has been great!

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+1 on the Vcarve Pro! There is so much content on Youtube, and their tutorials are very well done. I almost went with Carveco, but after some homework it seemed the CNC community favored Vcarve.

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Carbide create is free and functions well enough for 2.5D. I’d say give that a try until you push up against the limits of that program and then move on to something more advanced


You can tryout Vcarve with their free version you just can’t load it to your machine. I am a newbe to CNC and Cad and Cam but VcarvePro was easy to learn and has great tutorials. You can start out with Vcarve Desktop and upgrade from there. They also have great support.