Looking for tool tray files

Does anyone have a Vectric or CarbideCreate file with the correct sizes of the Makita router wrenches?

Confused here. Your title says looking for tool tray files then you ask about collet wrench sizes.

Sizes as in the physical size of the wrench so you can make a tray to fit the wrench or size as in the collet nut size?

I guess I wasn’t clear. I’m looking for a Vcarve or other file to hold the Makita wrenches. I can measure them myself. I was just hoping someone had already created one they would be willing to share.

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Here is an etsy file


Nope, bad link. takes me to MY purchases, not yours.

Sorry about that try this one


Greg - I don’t have one for the programs you list, but I did one in Fusion that I 3d printed.


Hope that helps.