Makita Router Rubberized Wrenches?

That plastic dip is too much work for wrench handles for me.
I will get some properly sized heat shrink and slip it over
the handles, then heat it up with my heat gun (a hair dryer
on high might work too).

I’m sure I have some shrink in my electrical box, but you can find it on Amazon and elsewhere.
If only Radio Shack were still around. :frowning:
An alternative might an auto supply store such as NAPA.

Take the wrenches with you and size it up. If you don’t
think one layer is enough get enough for a second layer.

If you don’t like the idea of heat shrink how about hockey tape?
One $2 roll will give you enough to do a dozen wrenches.

PlastiDip works great for coating handles. Apply several coats & it should last for years. When it starts to come loose, just peel those areas off & apply a few more layers.

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@wsj-productions this is an old post which is perfect for me :). Did the red locking button ever break? I have been using it for a while now and no problem. I like using one spanner and plan on continuing unless it will break.

It won’t break if you don’t force the wrench to eleventy billion ft pounds of force. But 2 wrenches is the better path as you can squeeze them both in the same hand to tighten and losen


I better ease back. I am cranking on it pretty hard. Thanks for the advice!

Mine broke a few months ago. So now I use the two wrench method.

Ok, issue solved, I’m going to start using two wrenches. You said you were getting a spindle when the button broke… When it is coming :smiley:

I did, but I was told that once it broke it would probably be unusable. However working good. Spindle I am currently considering the PWNCNC kit.

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