Makita Quick Change Collet

This is just an FYI for anyone interested. I researched solutions for quick changing bits on the Makita RT0701C and found a company called MuscleChuck that makes an adapter for routers that allows you change bits quickly using an allen key. I reached out to them and asked if they had one for our Makita’s, and he replied that they expect to have one ready this year. Could be a knuckle saver as long as the tolerences are tight.


I’ve also looked into a MuscleChuck for my DeWalt DWP611 and a Bosch Colt for a different CNC. Here’s the reply I received on Feb. 4, 2019:

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We have gotten alot of requests for a 1/4 inch version of the Musclechuck. Everyone seems to ask about the Bosch colt and The Dewalt 611. We have started some prototypes for the Colt and project to have some stock by 2020.

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DeRosa Engineering, Inc.
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We all know 2020 and 2021 have been difficult for manufacturers. With any luck, they’ll come through this year. I’m not holding my breath, but definitely hope it happens.

Good to know thanks for sharing. I know nothing about engineering but is this the type of thing that could possibly allow for an automatic tool changer in the future if OF decides to support it?

I think regardless if OF supports it, it could be a huge product for most people that use a palm router. It would sure make a lot of OF users happy. I can’t imagine engineering it would be easy.

Keep us posted. This item would require A LOT OF BENCH TESTING before I took the plunge (no pun intended).

According to their website, many CNC users put the MuscleChuck on their CNC routers. So fingers crossed, and a faceshield from Amazon!

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A couple considerations on this design:
Anything that moves the cutter shank further south of the spindle bearings will decrease stability and increase runout. You literally cannot do any better than a properly manufactured collet setup for holding a cutter shank concentric to the precision ground I.D. of the spindle nose. A collet will also compensate for slightly oversize/undersize cutter shanks (all these cheap Chinese bits do not have perfectly sized shanks). This device clamps the cutter to one fixed side of the diameter. It’s basically just a shaft collar attached to a router nut. Sure, it would make bit changes easier, but understand the convenience comes at a price (more than the initial $70 price tag).