1/8" collet for the Makita trim router?

With my OF CNC set to arrive late this year, I’m trying to gather up parts and accessories that I know I’ll need some day. So, while searching for 1/8" collets for this Makita router, I’ve come up empty. Has anyone else out there located a compatible 1/8" collet cone for the RT0701C router?

Or, are 1/8" bits a waste of time on a machine like this? I’ve never owned a CNC, but I’ve done years of drooling…er…research. :slight_smile:


I’m coming up dry as well and my Google foo is usually pretty good.
If no one has a source then we are at using a reducer.
We definitely need 1/8 support as there are a lot of bits that only come with 1/8 shanks.

I was looking also today and came up with this



Nice! There you go, I think that’s the one. I was going to 3d print a reducer sleeve, but this is probably a little bit more accurate :laughing: . Thanks for sharing!

Only thing im wondering about is if you look at the bottom of that page, it says.

"> Collets are compatible with the following routers;

RT700C, RT0700CX3, RP0900K, 3621, 3621A

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Yep, that’s the one I bought from Elaire. It works perfect. Confirmed.


Since you have it can you please tell us if it comes with a nut? Usually they do but it is shown without.


it does not, just the collet. No biggy, you just swap them back and forth. I actually wouldn’t find a need for a second nut.

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Not to be a cheap ass, but they want $8.95 to ship a collet, that’s crazy. i’m going to call them tomorrow and see if they are willing to give the forum sort of deal on shipping. A wise old Man told me once: “You don’t get in this life, what you don’t as for!”

I’ll let you y’all know where I net out.

Thanks for confirming the size Ben



Good looking out Alex. Did you get a price on the collet too?

I got the same one from Elaire, at @MyersWoodshop’s recommendation, It shipped fast, arrived about a week after ordering. I ended up paying $33.25 USD with shipping; It arrived well packed in a box about 3" x 4" x 5".


I used the Elaire collet on my Makita before changing to the Dewalt (which is also running an Elaire). I think Inventables also offers a collet.


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I already have a set of ER11 collets including 1/8" but unfortunately, I can’t use them in the Makita. But a set of Makita collets seems like wasted money. More justification on going with a spindle that can use my ER11 collets I suppose.

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That particular collet style does not appear to lock into the nut as others do. If that’s the case, then you wouldn’t benefit from an extra nut (other than to have one as a spare) as you do with the DeWalt.

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As promised:

OneFinity Family,

I just had a great conversation with Mark at Elaire Corp on giving the Forum a discount on their Collets. They use PayPal checkout for their cart solution and he said supporting Promo Codes is not something they have implemented yet.

HOWEVER, if you checkout and pay the $8.95 shipping then send them an email ATTN: Mark, and let them know your order number and you are part of the OneFinity forum he will refund $5 back to your PayPal act to help out on Shipping costs.

Hope this helps out a bit, he is a very cool guy and was super eager to help us out.

Have a good one!


If you end up using something other than the Makita, Precise Bits has some great collets (though I’ve never used them):



@MindOfMcClure Awesome! It’s like Dave Ramsey says - ask for a discount and you may just get one. I’ll definitely take advantage of this and send some business his way. Thanks!

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@MindOfMcClure Awesome, thank you for hooking that up Alex!

I just ordered a collet for a router I don’t yet have, that goes on a CNC machine that I don’t yet have.
Sweet! :sunglasses:


I have the precise bit for my Dewalt and it is very nice. Now I wonder if we could get them to make one for the Maketa?

@Machinist haha I literally just did the same thing. Already heard back from Mark about the discount refund too. Now…can I not lose it before December/January??

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