Elaire 1/8” collet for Makita - $5 DISCOUNT

OneFinity Family,

I just had a great conversation with Mark at Elaire Corp on giving the Forum a discount on their Collets. They use PayPal checkout for their cart solution and he said supporting Promo Codes is not something they have implemented yet.

HOWEVER, if you checkout and pay the $8.95 shipping then send them an email ATTN: Mark, and let them know your order number and you are part of the OneFinity forum he will refund $5 back to your PayPal act to help out on Shipping costs.

Hope this helps out a bit, he is a very cool guy and was super eager to help us out.

Have a good one!


Thanks Alex - this is awesome!

My Pleasure!

I just got my $5.00 refund back about 40 min after my order!

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In case anyone is wondering, I did as Alex said, ordered the collet today and sent the email to Mark an got the $5 back in a few hours. Thanks Alex!


I also ordered the 1/8 collet today, sent the email and received the $5 back.

Thanks again for setting up this deal!

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I just ordered two collets Friday. Does take a few days for them to issues the refund. :smile:

I ordered one a couple months back and still got the discount but it did take roughly 1 week before I received a response.

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I can confirm, Mark is still giving the $5 discount. Received my refund today 2-17-21, ordered last week.

Please support these companies that support us.

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I never got mine. Not sure why.

I guess the $5 off shipping is over. I emailed Mark and never got a reply or refund.