Other router options other than Makita

Hi all. I’m looking for other trim router options that work with my OneFinity Woodworker CNC. I’ve experienced a bit too much runout with my 1/4 bits and have had bits slowly creeping out of the collet. I’d like to purchase a higher quality collet but options are limited for the Makita. Considering Bosch or Hitachi

Hey Ken,

we have a search function here. You may have found that

Note that for a spindle or router for ER11 collets, you get collets for bits with 1 to 7 mm bit shank. That means with a ER11 router or spindle, you can use bits with a 1/4" shank by using a true imperial 6.35 mm collet or a normal 6.5 mm metric collet, but bits with a 3/8" (9.5 mm) or 1/2" (12.7 mm) shank cannot be used with a router or spindle for ER11 collets. For 3/8" (9.5 mm) bit shanks you would need a router or spindle for ER16 collets, and for 1/2" bit shanks you would need a spindle for ER20 collets which will take up to 13 mm bit shanks (1/2" = 12.7 mm).

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A little bit of redesign would allow the 1F to hold various sized routers/spindles.
I built a horizontal mortising machine that used two hose clamps & a Vblock to secure a full size router with a 1/2" collet, never had a problem with router movement.
Granted that the loading on our CNC’s is higher than on my mortiser.

Hey Tony,

if they were willing to design something, I think they could (should?) offer a mount for what many consider as → the best milling motor solution for hobbyists and semiprofessionals for the Onefinity.

What I am talking about is the milling motor type that is widespread around the world, a motor dedicated for 24/7 CNC use (and that does not loose its warranty as soon as you mount it into a CNC, as Makita stated for their Makita hand trim router), with all-steel motor flange and double ball bearing, a control interface for controlling speed by the CNC controller via g-code, run-in by the manufacturer, but at same time no VFD, no custom wiring, works out-of-the-box, simply plug-and-play on a domestic socket.

Such a 43 mm “Euro” mount that Onefinity could offer would look like this:

It is a feature requested as of 2023-Feb-28.


Was thinking along the lines of using a flat plate which carried the bearings and nut, to which one could bolt up a range of spindle holders. Make it so that it was not too onerous to swap spindle holders for a specific job.

I have the MakerMade router with the real ER-11 collet. This is made for a cnc. Works like a dream! Doesn’t get hot like a Makita and the actual collet holds the bits much better. The speed control has actual indents that prevent it from changing speed. It is a 65mm fit.

If you get something with a real collet, make sure you read up on how they go together and work. It’s not like the cheap Makita.


Awesome reco, thanks Pony

Hey Tony,

Having such a universal Z assembly plate on the Onefinity would expand the capabilities regarding spindle choice to a considerable extent. In fact it’s what I plan too. See here for a more universal Z assembly

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And so I’m buying a new Journeyman.
I want to but separately a spindleIts more powerful and quieter.
Air cooled seems best (no water tubing).
I prefer a 110v.
Also this will be wall mounted so I don’t want a heavy monster.
It makes sense to be able to use 1/2’ shank bits.

There are different ER ratings 11, 16, 20.
What are most Onefinity owners using?
So which should I purchase?

Your Thoughts?
Thanks in advance.

Hey Daniel,

If you want to use 1/2" shank bits, you will have to take a 80 mm spindle, as you will need a spindle for ER-20 collets, and such is not available on 65 mm spindles. But 1/2" is rather thick for a bit shank. When I had to choose a 80 mm spindle, there were spindles for ER-16 but also spindles for ER-20 collets. “If I don’t forcibly need to use bits with 1/2” shanks, is there another reason to select the one or the other?" I asked the spindle manufacturer. See below

So we finally bought the ER20 model.

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@abrteguy ,
Daniel, you can use 3/8ths bits in the Makita, the collet looks quite a bit different, but they will run as well as a 1/4 " bit. Not certain of the actual reason for this but if you insert the 3/8ths bit as far as it will go, the end seems to come into contact with a taper inside the router shaft so the bits seem to run very true. Of course the Makita is not going to like working that hard & probably wont last long, mine only lasted about 4 months. with occasional use of 3/8ths bits.

Hey all,

there are different sizes of the proprietay Makita collets available here:


By the way, outside of USA, the standard Makita RT0702C comes with 6 mm and 8 mm collets. You can order them everywhere.