Found the Makita for $99 USA

My CNC arrives tomorrow but all the stores currently sell the router for $130ish. However I found Matter Hackers has it for $99. As a 3D printing professional, I use matter hackers all the time (I actually received another order from them yesterday.) They ship very fast but I didn’t think of the router until now. Unfortunately I will have to wait but glad to save the $30.

I don’t know if it is ok to share sources for accessories, but I would have never thought of them for CNC.

I’m so glad my 1FWW arrives tomorrow and to be a part of this community.



Thanks for the tip! Just picked up another one for $99. That will be for my router table and a backup for the Journeyman

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Take a look at the er11 router from Carbide Create. It is priced well and has a long power cable to reach all the way. It’s a well made Makita clone.

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That sounds good but I read only the Mikita is officially supported. I don’t want warranty issues.

Ii picked up a factory reman unit with a 2 yr warranty for $67 a couple weeks ago. Its hard to find them under the $130 mark.

Supported? The router is not electrically connected to the Onefinity.

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I dont know that. I dont have a 1F yet. But it was in this forum and 1F team never responded to say it wasn’t true.

Once I have more experience I’m sure i’m ready to try other routers and spindles. But the info I see on this forum is what I have to go on for now.

:+1: sounds like a plan