Makita Router Model # RT0701C

So what are the other alternatives to a Makita router? Not talking about spindles just other brands of routers. Ordered my router on Feb 7th from Home depot and now it looks like it is going to only ship April 7th. I would love to buy one from the US but since the border is still closed I’m not able to pick it up myself and once brokerage fees, duties, exchange rate, etc I would probably be looking at getting a spindle from China. Thanks


If you search the forum there have been many discussions on both VFD’s as well as other routers. Please note that OneFinity does not support any other router other than the Makita from a product support perspective.


I have also read, but do not have personal experience, that there is a RT0701C “clone” available under the name Bauer.

The RT0701C is available on Amazon (in stock). $99 w/ free shipping if you are a Prime member.

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I have seen the Bauer router used which is a Harbor Freight brand. 1-1/4 HP 1/4 in. Variable Speed Trim Router

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