Openbuilds RoutER11

Have anyone tried the Openbuilds RoutEr11 router? it has the same size spindle as the Makita RT0701C with upgrades such as an ER11 collect and better bearings.

I bought one but haven’t actually used it yet (using my Makita for now). Seems like a good quality item. An added benefit is that the speed dial has detents that should eliminate the speed-creep I’ve seen mentioned, but have not personally experienced, with the Makita.

Hadn’t seen this before. I really like that it has the ER11 collet. Looks like it will be difficult to find in stock for a while.

Looks like a great spinner but according to the website they are only sold with the kits due to limited availability. :disappointed_relieved:

Hopefully they will have stock and sell it outside of their kits. @Machinist whenever you put the spindle to use please give us some feedback.

No experience with it, but it seems some folks have adapted the ER11 system to the Makita.

Added ER11 chuck to my Makita RT0701C - Random or Off Topic - V1 Engineering Forum

I can’t see an immediate need for anything other than a 1/4 or 1/8" shank, so I’ll stick with the Makita, but I sure wish 1F would come out with the larger spindle mount.


Beware of hose ER11 “adapters”, they are generally not a good idea. They effectively double the distance from the end of the cutter to the bearing support in the spindle.

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Are you willing to sell your Router11? :grin:

Possibly, But I’d have to get full price I paid since it’s brand new & unused, plus shipping.

Sounds like a good deal, can you send me a shipping quote to 27703 from UPS as USPS and Fedex has not been consistent with delivery since December.

Looks like $8.94 for UPS & $9.53 for USPS. Note these are estimates based on another address, so they will be close. I use ShippingEasy, and I can’t get an actual estimate without a full address. I can’t do FedEx because I can only price UPS & USPS on this program. That tracks pretty close to what OpenBuilds charged for shipping. I’d do it for $170 even, and throw in an extra set of brushes. Would need to be PayPal. Message me and we can conclude business if you are interested.


I sent you a PM.

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I switched over to the Router11 this weekend. Worked perfectly fine, the only difference I noticed is that the spindle gets hot to the touch, which I never noticed on the Makita. I was kind of surprised when I grabbed the spindle to do a bit change & noticed how hot it felt. Shot it with the thermometer gun & it said 115, but it felt hotter than that to me.

Are you engraving aluminum? I wonder why the router got to hot?

No, that was just vinyl flooring. Not really sure why it got hot. The body of the router & the top section didn’t feel particularly hot, just the spindle.

Hi Bill,
Where did you get the Router11 from? Thanks

Ron, right now the only known supplier of this is OpenBuilds. They are having trouble keeping them in stock, so they have (hopefully only temporarily) limited sales of it to those also purchasing a machine kit from them.

My research showed the same but was hopeful you had inside information. :slight_smile:

No, sure don’t Ron. The only potentially tracible info is “Product of Gearish, LLC”, who I presume produce it for OpenBuilds, who may or may not be the exclusive distributor of it.

Between the speed dial on the Makita getting worse and now the casing cracking this weekend while tightening down on a bit, I am looking at either the Router11 (if I can find one) or going the Huanyang 110V spindle route. I had hoped to delay changing from the Makita a while longer but that was not my fate.

For those of you with the Router11, what are your thoughts, having had it a while now?

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