Makita router for the uk

Hi everyone i was gpin down the path of looking at spindle moters but out of my reach at the minute got to save a few more pennys, ive orderd the 80mm to 65 mm reduction so i can just get a makita router for now but the only one that will fit is the one onefinity say on there sit witch is only to purchase from america .well this wont work in the uk because we are 240 v it will brake the router has anyone got any sugestions please .hope you all well kind regards martyn

Hey Martyn,

of course there is no reason to buy the Makita version for the U.S. market (=for girly power) and with U.S. customary / imperial collet.

What you need, is the normal Makita RT0702C for the big blue 230 V country:

– Source: SomnusDe, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
Image: Mains electricity by country

Here’s the one I own:

Image: Makita RT0702C 710 W • 6 / 8 mm • 230–240 V • 50–60 Hz

But I don’t plan to use it for the Onefinity, it is a hand trim router.

Hay thanks man

I’m new to all this so haven’t got much of a clue really bin and got the router, now I’m thinking about the 80mm spindle they cost loads but don’t want water cooled just a normal one to get me up and running I thought I got one when I got the forman lol thanks again for your help it’s much appreciated kind regards martyn