The Makita router ate the big log

Was working on a project the other day and the Makita got jammed in a solid piece of maple and melted down before I could get to it… shame… Now its a crunchy sounding, smoky, blue light show…

One down, 2 backup routers to go!


Pretty, pretty lights.

Did you try changing the brushes? If you take it apart and pull the bushes out sometimes you can take a piece of sandpaper and clean up the commutator (the copper plates that the brushes run against) and it will fix any small burnt spots and may be able to save the router.

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I opened the router up and… as you can see from the video… there is no hope. It fried the core. And yes, I tried to fix the usual suspects… but 90% of the router was fine… (brushes, copper flange, etc…). Unfortunately, it’s toast… Under that kind of load, it appears the core melts down, after that, only a core replacement will fix it… at least I have spare parts!

I’ll say this… the Onefinity knew it was in trouble and shut down even though the router was jammed. It shut down long before I could get to the E Stop! For a trim router, I’m surprised the Makita didn’t blow up into pieces!

That said, I pulled out my spare Makita and kept on working without an issue… Then I immediately bought another Makita so I always have a back up.

Perhaps that’s the lesson here… crap happens, it just does… so have a back up plan to keep going forward!

Remember… we are the future!


Hey Gerry,


:warning: Do not leave the tool running. Operate the tool only when hand-held.

– – Makita RT0701C trim router Instruction Manual


Ah see when you let the blue smoke out, it stops working. The magic blue smoke is the issue.