Makita Router Collet Size

Hi All,

Battling to find a definitive answer as to what size collet and collet nut to buy for my Makita RT0700C.
Is it ER11, ER16 or ER20? And will the attached type/shape collet work compared to the original shape one that comes with the router?

I am needing to buy a 6mm collet for a couple of metric bits I recently purchased.


It’s not an ERxx collet. Here is what I used before upgrading to a spindle.


I ordered a set of those from robotshop too. They were on backorder for a while, but arrived promptly after they were in stock. A bonus is that you get both 1/4" & 1/8" chucks for about the same price as the other places single 1/8" collet.


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Hi, did you ever find the correct 6mm collet for the Makita?
Elairecorp says they are N/A.


Hey Andros,

ANY Makita hand trim router that is offered outside the U.S. comes with a 6 and a 8 mm collet.

You can buy them as Makita spare parts anywhere outside the U.S.:

Milling bits in Imperial/U.S. Customary units are uncommon outside the USA (and partly Canada).

Goran tek-en, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

In the big “non-US” country I live in (shown in blue), for milling motors up to 2.2 kW, we commonly use bits with 6, 8, 10 or 12 mm shanks for ER-16 and ER-20 collets (that I buy from spindle manufacturer or from CNC equipment suppliers) that are found on three-phase induction motors (aka spindles) and also on some of the “Euro” mount (43 mm) milling motors like …

The Makita hand trim router does not accept ER collets! But outside U.S., the Makita hand router is always sold with 6 and 8 mm collets.

See also here for a direct comparison of Makita proprietary, and (standardized) ER collet

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I got mine in Canada and it came with 1/4"

Hey Andros,

yes I know, Canada is still partly infected. I know that because I have many, many Veritas tools and I’m a big fan of these tools, but they force me to have both 19.05 mm and 20 mm dog holes! And an imperial set of Hex keys :frowning:

But there is a good thing on Veritas Tools from Canada: There is always a manual in french available!

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That’s really weird. I received both a 1/8” and an 8mm Makita collet from Elaire just this week; I had ordered them a few days earlier. Both are beautifully machined, BTW, Tonight, their website says that both of those collets are N/A, along with the 6 mm collet. It seems highly unlikely that I cleaned out both their inventory and their future production of those parts, so I strongly suspect a website maintenance issue. I’d call or email them.

Thanks for that. Not for cleaning them out - but for the response.
I’ll send an email tomorrow.