Metric collets for Makita

I received some metric collets, intended for my Makita, but they do not fit.
Can anyone provide a link or specific description of which collet type to get?
Previous threads point to but they are N/A.

I am looking for 6mm & 8mm collets.

I am using an ER11 1/8 collet and it seems fine. So, is ER11 the correct size?

This seems like a good deal - if correct.

It appears 88mm not available in ER11… so far.


Hey Andros,

surely not. ER collets do not match the Makita hand trim routers at all. The collets on the Makita are makita proprietary. The taper for a collet (on non-tool-changer/non-ATC systems) is machined into the end of the machine taper (or on cheap routers, directly into milling motor shaft) and it only matches the collet it is made for.

Crucial for the ER collet is that it sits in a taper that must match exactly. Here I recently collected this general info on ER collet specification:

The ER collet

REGO-FIX: 50th Anniversary of the ER Collet (1972–2022)

The ER collet industry standards:

ER collets

The “ER” collet system, developed and patented by Rego-Fix in 1973, and standardized as DIN 6499, is the most widely used clamping system in the world and today available from many producers worldwide.[7][8] The standard series are: ER-8, ER-11, ER-16, ER-20, ER-25, ER-32, ER-40, and ER-50. The “ER” name came from an existing “E” collet (which were a letter series of names) which Rego-Fix modified and appended “R” for “Rego-Fix”. The series number is the opening diameter of the tapered receptacle, in millimetres. ER collets collapse to hold parts up to 1 mm smaller than the nominal collet internal size in most of the series (up to 2 mm smaller in ER-50, and 0.5 mm in smaller sizes) and are available in 1 mm or 0.5 mm steps. Thus a given collet holds any diameter ranging from its nominal size to its 1-mm-smaller collapsed size, and a full set of ER collets in nominal 1 mm steps fits any possible cylindrical diameter within the capacity of the series. With an ER fixture chuck, ER collets may also serve as workholding fixtures for small parts, in addition to their usual application as toolholders with spindle chucks.[9] Although a metric standard, ER collets with internal inch sizes are widely available for convenient use of imperial sized tooling. The spring geometry of the ER collet is well-suited only to cylindrical parts, and not typically applied to square or hexagonal forms like 5C collets.

– Source: Collet → ER collets – Wikipedia


I will be ordering new collets but I have been using this one without any problems.

Hey Andros,

but if you look at the taper of an ER collet, and the taper in the Makita’s router shaft, you should see that the angle does not match at all and that there can be no stability. The Makita is already unstable enough und has enough runout when using the correct collet, but with a collet that does not match, this cannot be good. Furthermore, …

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Interesting and maybe I’m just lucky, but have had much success with this for months.
Just looked it up, bought it last Aug.

I will be ordering new 1/8 and 6mm, 8mm.
You sent a lot, did you link me to 6&8mm, because no, they sis not come with my Makita.
Will reread in the morning. Cheers

Hey Andros,

I can’t help you if you want to order them in the U.S. or Canada, but here I get them:

A-86181 at
A-86197 at
Makita 8 mm A-86181 at
Makita 6 mm A-86197 at
Makita A-86181 at heise online Preisvergleich / Deutschland
Makita A-86197 at heise online Preisvergleich / Deutschland

Darn, just sold my 30 - 40 and gave the lady that bought it a whole set of er11 collets including the 6mm one, have a number of 6mm bits that I bought for my Bosch Colt, also gave her a good 6mm X 12mm bit that she could us for flattening.
Never even occurred to me that the Makita would close up an er collet, I would worry about the bit running straight, depending on where the collet was being gripped. Some machinists bluing might give an indication of where the collet was touching the taper I have a few 3/8ths bits I bought for my mortising machine, guess they just aint gonna fit.

I just received a 6mm and 8mm collets from a supplier on Ebay.

I had my doubts about the cone 8mm but it seems fine.

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Hope it works, if you have a dial indicator could you check the runout at the bit for us?

Elaire has most sizes out of stock. Hopefully that’s temporary. I got the 1/8" size from Sky One.

I do not - what an amateur. But maybe I can carve out a vertical column and measure it’s diameter with a caliper. Maybe not as precise as can be, but might show any extreme deviations.
Or better yet - get a dial indicator sometime!

I’ve ordered a 1/8 from here:

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What I have done in the past is order a collet adaptor, basically a sleeve that fits into the 1/4" and reduces it to 1/8th. Have bought but not used them for the Makita, have used them on bigger routers to good effect.
I would like a 6mm collet which wont work with that kind of adaptors as the dimensions are too close, but Amazon (oh noe) sells 6mm collets for the Makita, will buy one soon & report back.
We use Amazon because the nearest Hopeless Depot and Lee Valley are a three hour drive each way.

Looking again at the web page, I don’t think that’s true. N/A just means there’s no Makita part number for it. They still allow you to place them in the cart.

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