Makita Router Collet (Sticky)

What’s with the Makita Router Collet stickiness? (Model # RT0701C)

Is it because of it’s newness, I have maybe 40hrs runtime on it. Every time I need to switch my 1/4 collet for a 1/8, I have to use a pair of long nose pliers to pull him out, and vise versa… they both stick in there. I mean it slides right out (with the pliers,) but I can’t grab it with my fingers, I always have to use the long nose. Is this the norm, or is it me? Anybody else have a better way to pull or grab that collet outta there? :disappointed:

BTW, this is with the nut completely removed -


Mine also is very hard to get out. But mine is still fairly new. But I do the same with some pliers to get it out. Hopefully with time it’ll be easier to get out.

Well, I hope that by the time they are broken in, they aren’t literally “broken”, I find that having to use pliers to nip the collet out, is a real pain in the booty -

And what ever you do, don’t go at it with WD-40. Bad choice, it’s meant to be completely dry in that hole. :slight_smile:

Yeah it is, I sometimes lightly tap it with the smaller router wrench and it comes out that way too but I don’t like doing that either.

Roger is correct. The bits get stuck in the collet due to the design of the collet. Leave the nut on and rap it hard with the wrench and it the bit will drop out. My old high school shop teacher taught us that a long time ago. LOL


Ahh, the ole’ “Give it a Whack, Jack” I get it…

Thanks guys :nerd_face:

Jennifer, think of it as more of a tap-tap-tap… than one heavy whack.

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Okaaaay… I’ll try tap-tap-tap, at next tool change. Let cha know how that goes. I’ve been wearing mittens, I tell ya -

Ha ha ha, but I’ve also been titghtening, a-la-gorilla style. :slight_smile:


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I loosen the collet nut then push the bit back and forth to dislodge the collet.

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Hmm, that’s quite a provocative maneuver. So you do that until she comes… out


:rofl: Just tap it with wrench.

That’s just short of “F” ing the collet with your bit, okay. Whatever works, I guess - :sweat_smile:


Can you tell me if the router comes with with 1/4 and 1/8 collets… If not, dan you share where you got your 1/8 please. My machine is coming in late August and I want to be as prepared as possible

Hello Mr. Knee,

Unfortunately, no… the Makita Router does not come with an 1/8 collet. Only the 1/4 as a standard. However, you can purchase the 1/8 from this source:


Jenn & other new members.

Not sure if you saw my origional post back in September, but I was able to get the Forum a $5 off shipping from Elairecorp for those who are interested.

Its not a ton of $$ but every bit counts. :slight_smile:




Thant’s so true, I had forgotten. Thanks!


I’ve noticed some of my 1/8" bits like to hang in the collet too, I just loosen the collet nut & give it a little tap with the wrench & the bits pop right out.

Where did you locate a collet to fit the 1/8" bits? Makita does not list one in their manual. tyty1936


Please see note above from @MindOfMcClure



How does tapping on the collet nut work for you? Are the bits dropping out when you do this?