Makita Router doesn't fit mount

Hi, Just received my Onefinity Woodworker X-50 yesterday! I’m working through the assemblyl and my Makita Router (model that is recommended by Onefinity) is not fitting into the mount on the Z Axis. I’ve completely removed the bolts to try to open it enough to slide the router into place, but it is not happening. Any ideas? Thank you!

Hey Aaron

I had to use a large screw driver to expand the opening enough to get my router to fit. A really snug fit is what you want. I’m assuming you did get the correct model of Makita router of course.



Thanks for the quick reply. Onefinity support got back to me and told me to simply pry open the mount to get it to open enough. I was just hesitant to applying that much force to the most expensive tool I’ve ever bought (by far!)! Worked, and an up and running! Thanks for your reply.

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