X Axis Dust Collector Hose & Router Cable Mount

Hey everyone,

I have been experiencing EMI while running my Makita router power cable in the X-axis drag chain, which (after much troubleshooting) has made me need to keep the cable outside of it. This has led me to develop a mount that attaches to the X-axis bar on top of the Onefinity bracket that holds down the Z-motor and Z-homing sensor to hold my router cable and my 4-inch dust collector hose. I’ve attached some photos to show better what I am talking about.

I’ve put the STL file here for anyone to download in case they are experiencing the same problem as I was. If you want to tip me or don’t have a printer to make this part, I have an Etsy store I just opened linked below where you can do that.

I forgot to add that if you buy a pair of M6 x 25mm bolts you can then replace the original ones that hold down the Onefinity bracket and then they can hold down both this mount and the bracket as I have done in the photos.

Also, let me know what you think of it if you print it off! I’ve love to hear feedback.

Etsy Store

STL File
Mount.stl (343.8 KB)


I like the idea. I have sort of the same issue. I have set up an arm that has a spring attached and it allows the dust collection system hose to move when machine moves. The router cord doesn’t seem to get in the way. I am not aware of how I could place it inside the track due to the plug at the end, so I just made sure there is enough freedom for it to move. Thanks for your idea.

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Oh interesting. I’m trying to picture it. The arm is holding the hose above the machine?

Yeah no problem! Happy to share :smiley: