Vacuum hose bracket

Is there anyone here who has a 3D printer who can come up with a bracket to hold the hose in place at the front of the router?

I’m using a coat hanger to keep the vacuum hose from rubbing against the motor wires as it moves around the work surface.

The wire is very affective, but if someone could make a bracket thingy… I’d buy one!

I have a hose boom to manage the router cord and the vacuum hose. You can order the z axis clip separately or if you order the hose boom with the clip options the z axis clip comes with it. Here is the link


That’s exactly what I need!

I already bought your hose arm… I should have bought the hose clips too (using velcro right now)… but expect an order for the front clip!


Hey Peter
Are you able to make 2 and 3" risers for the Onefinity?
I have projects where I exceed the Z axes limit…

Gerry, Sorry I missed this post! It is on the list to do. However right now I am focused on getting the accessories ready for the journeyman. @Bear