2.5" Hose Clips for Coolant Pipes

Hi All

Does anyone know if there are hose clips available similar to the one in the picture but able carry the two coolant pipes for a spindle. I’ve had a look on Etsy and can’t find anything

Thanks in advance.

I assume he will sell just the clips, if thats what you’re after instead of the whole boom.


Thanks for the reply, this is what I have already, what I’d like is clips instead of the velcro with the access for the coolant pipes, and if Rowdy says he’s starting to supply them, you owe me a set for suggesting the idea

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@RowdyRoman makes some

First place I checked, I must be looking with my eyes shut, idiot !

Thanks, I go check again


I’ve just had another look and can’t find them on the Etsy site, could you put a link up to them


@Buddy Sorry Buddy I do not make them. Another maker has made them and I did not want to steal their idea. If I remember correctly it was @MindOfMcClure


Replied to you directly Dave. Thanks Rowdy!!

Christmas Presents arrived today

1 PWNCNC V8 from Onefinity and bespoke hose clips from Alex McClure


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Awesome to see they arrived safely and are working as expected.

Enjoy & Happy New Year!

That’s a nice looking setup, What size vac hose are you using?

its a 2 1/2" powertec hose, seems to be good quality,

Fancy! :heart_eyes: Look awesome.