Vac hose for 80mm

With the new 80mm spindle being able to clear the stepper. The normal brackets dont work anymore… Has anyone made an alternative that works with it?

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Hello all! I am in need of some Beta Testers for my upcoming new product which manages the vacuum hose around the 80mm Spindle. I need some air cooled spindle and some water cooled spindle people. Here are some pics of what I have. The great part is that this would also work with the Journeyman upgrade!

If you are interested please comment below!


I just purchased a water cooled spindle and need a newer Vac Hose mount. Would love to test it out.

I had 3d printed a bunch off etsy.
Wall mounted and still trying to figure out the best way to run hose/which dust boot.

Currently running 2.5 " with wall swivel arm and a suckitpro/v8. Id like to up to a 4" setup but havent figured out the best way.

I’m interested!
I bought your hose boom and installed it on the back left corner of my Journeyman. But it didn’t keep the hose clear of the spindle and its water lines. By the way, I use 4" hose and connect to an Oneida cyclone.

So I attached the post that was on the left rear mount to the top of the Z-slider (with Route 1’s piece between them). I tried various lengths of your metal tubes (cut one down too). I effectively made the boom run the opposite way. I found that when it swings, it might deflect around the rigid duct that leads to the cyclone, but might jam against it. That got better when I added a swivel connection to the duct end (made by SolaFide designs). They made mine as an experiment (not in production yet). Rockler sells something similar for $24.


  1. I’d like a boom post on the Z-slider that holds the hose vertically until it gets past the cooling lines, then turns (as yours appears to).
  2. When putting your vertical support on as I did (running everything backwards) it gets too tall to fit an enclosure. Since the cyclone does a great job, I no longer plan on an enclosure, but some people might. Those of us who run drag chains (Route 1’s product) have another 1/2" of height beneath your support.
  3. I don’t need my cooling lines to run along the hose. Some people do, and that ability doesn’t harm the benefit of the boom.
  4. More slots for zip ties would give me more options. I had a little trouble with the horizontal tube sliding out of its hole. Once I secured the hose, it acted to keep everything seated. You might also consider screw holes in the plastic pieces, for the purpose of inserting a screw to secure the tube within them.