I need dust collection boot system for 80 mm spindle

i have my 80 mm spindle up and running. i went to hook up my suck it dust boot and it is a NO GO bummer . you folks that have yours installed , up and running what are you using and do you like it?
thank you for your help

Dust Boot v7 from PwnCNC. Here
This is the only picture I have. It’s an 80mm spindle with a 4" dust collection hose. They also have one with 2.5" hose

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Bill how do you like it? it looks like you have to unclamp and reclamp every tool change. is that correct?
thank you for such a fast response to my post

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I like it a lot!
• The brush pops off really easy so you can change the tool. I can also move the whole thing up and down the spindle with no issues when I need to accommodate various lengths of bits. I just flip the lever and move it where I want it. I like this too because I remove the boot completely when I use the laser.
• The magnate side where the 4" hose fits is really nice and strong, yet not too strong to cause movement when I remove the hose for any reason.
• I have a very strong vacuum on the dust collector so it pulls in the bristles, but not enough to get in the way.
• Dust will build up inside the boot next to the spindle simple because the way the spindle launches dust everywhere. So when you take it off, a teaspoon or so of dust will fall on your project. No big deal I think.
• I purchased a lighter 4" hose for flexibility, mounted one end to the wall so I can tie in my heavier 4" hose, and the piece over the CNC is simply tied with a thin rope to the ceiling. It works great!


I have a cheap PVC one from Amazon. Other than having to trim the back of the boot to clear the z-axis it works just fine. I like it better than the other designs I’ve seen as the brushes just go around the bit. Other designs look like they will loose suction when the bit is on either the front or rear of the work piece depending on the design.


Can you share a link.?

I think this is the one I got. There are several that look identical on Amazon. They use an adapter ring to fit a number of different size spindles. If one had a 3d printer they could make the adapter offset where the boot sits to move it away from the Z axis. Otherwise you’ll have to trim the boot.


I have the PWNCNC v7 and also like it. With most bits, I only have to pull off the magnetic brush portion to swap them out. With some of my extended length bits, I do have to remove the mount or at least unclamp and slide it up the spindle body.

I’ve encountered a slight issue getting the brush low enough with extended length bits. I have to move the clamping portion all the way to the bottom of the spindle to where there is only around 1/8" of the clamp left on the spindle. Even still, this has worked surprisingly well and has never budged.

The only other negative I can think of is that the front edge of the brush sits probably 5-6" in front of the bit. If I’m cutting on the front edge of a project at the front edge of my table, I lose a lot of my suction when the brush portion hangs over the edge. Still works ok but more chips get the chance to escape. My cheap 4" Harbor Freight dust collector probably plays a factor in that as well.


Thank you josh for adding to this conversation. I am struggling to decide on the $150 unit or the cheap $45 unit
I am surprised more folks have not commented on what the other 80@ mm spindle users have for a dust boot.

I 3d printed the pwncnc dust boot. I like the magnetic attaching, but the area “sucked” is too large and when overhanging a piece renders it less than useful. I also miss not seeing the bit in action as I 3d printed the plate. I also find others haven’t that not having the dust boot move with the z sliders is less helpful.

I bought the original suckit dust boot, but the perspex plate is too brittle (polycarbonate has been suggested, but I have yet to find a good source in the UK). I also had to remove the plate when I upgraded to 80mm, reduced the sucking power, but on reflection, maybe not as much as having the pwncnc version overhanging a piece


So far it sounds to me that there is no ideal dust boot out there.
The large boot with magnets sounds great until it moves off the work piece. The cheap boot that has a small boot around the bit looks great but many complaints about it durability.
So far I am leaning towards the cheaper unit

the second choice looks like a unit like this

80 mm spindle users please chime in
Thank You so much

I just ordered the cheap one I will report back after I have it installed

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I resolved that issue for my JM to some extent. What I did was add a 4ft x 3" x 5/8" piece of MDF along the front of my spoilboard. I planed the piece from 3/4" down to 5/8". The spoilboard is 3/4" MDF so the front piece is a bit lower so I can still have longer material without the front rising above the spoilboard especially as that gets flattened over time.

So when the hose side of the boot slides off the material at the front, it’s no longer over open air. Since the front piece is a bit lower, it’s not perfect but I found it to be much better at maintaining suction. Adjusting the boot downward so that the bristles slightly bend vs just touching improves that even more.


Same here (cheaper one), arrives sometime soon. Failing that I might have to put some effort in design and one myself :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I just got the dust boot assembled and it just will not work without major modifications

Even if I make an off set bushing it still will not clear with out modifications
Mine is going back
Major bummer

Hey David,

this looks like the wrong diameter delivered. You ordered the 80 mm version I assume.

PS: Is this https://www.amazon.com/dp/B093B7DB27/? Looks like it’s a dust boot for 100 mm and the smaller sizes are achieved by reduction bushings.

Seems it’s the unique Onefinity Z Slider design that is not compatible. On some CNC machines, there are Z assemblies where it would be no problem. Seems @Dr-Al did cut the rear out to fit:

But this thread with @Dr-Al showing this dust boot already led me to the plan to design and print one. I think the general design is good. I already think that the dust boots that make use of the Onefinity arms (which do not move with vertical Z movement) are not what I want (like many don’t either), and PwnCNC v7 has a nice clamp to spindle, but it has the disadvantage that the region enclosed by the brushes is much too large. Hope to find the time.

Perhaps you will be faster than me

Thank you to all for showing this.

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Im still waiting…but shouldnt belong now. I just need to chevk whether a neighbour has it by mistake

This is the one I purchased and yes it has a bushing.

An extension on the above.

I have reverted back to the Suckit Dust Boot with a few modifications; 2->4in vac-adapter and new shields.

I initially used my Suckit dust boot with my Makita router when I first received the 1F Summer '21; I stepped down my 4in vac hose to 2in hose to fit the Sukit.

All worked well for a while then I bust the shield insert (they are very brittle acrylic). I continued using it without a shield and even more so when I installed my 80mm spindle as the suckit shield as-purchased doesn’t work with an 80mm spindle (spindle is offset).

I have since (1) 3d printed my version of the PWNCNC dust boot which attaches directly to the spindle (the orange one in the image below), (2) purchased the white dust boot from Amazon (see thread above) (3) minor re-engineer of the Suckit and new shields.

My assessment (and I think people will have different views) is as follows in reverse order of preference (main points in bold):

(A) PWNCNC dust boot (the orange one: home printed and with a brush from Amazon that I could sweep the backyard with) -

(+ve) fitted 80mm spindle and 4in vac hose, easily removed (magnetic).

(-ve or even-better-if…) the suction was poor as I believe too large an area. I couldn’t see what I was cutting until quite a while into a cut (design dependent) and as it moved with the spindle the brushes were soon being squashed into the job

(B) Dust Shoe from Amazon (the white one). Required a few local “adjustments” to get it to fit around the z-slider once attached to the spindle (see the bit I had to hack away and then add a piece of timber to press the brush in).

(+ve): Suction was better than PWNCNC boot (I think because smaller area), easy to reattach the hose between endmill changes.

(-ve or even-better-if…): Whilst better suction, still not great. Fixed to the spindle so same issue of brush compression as with PWNCNC, can not see the job being cut (but as smaller than PWNCNC not as bad)

(C) Modified Suckit: I had to 3d print a 2in-to-4in converter and cut my own shield (from 2mm polycarbonate)

(+ve): moves with zslider, great suction (much smaller footprint and doesn’t cover the job edge as much as the boots above), I can see what is being cut (clear shield and smaller footprint)

(-ve): nice to have the hose detach with a magnetic catch so that can use to clean the table.

The blue painter’s tape on the 2in connection is because I need to make the 3d printed diameter smaller (a quick fix that I can do another day) so I have used the tape to get a fit.

The picture above shows me cutting more shields. This is the first time I have cut plastic (Polycarbonate in this instance). It was far easier than I feared and a really clean cut. I used an Amana 46290 (1/16th) at 18k, 635 mm/min and 1mm DOC. It even cuts with the protective backing on both sides remaining intact (so I cut half dozen more while I was at it knowing they would be protected.


if you have access to a 3d printer, i would go that route. i printed one and bought the brush for it, works like a champ so far. its real similar to the pwncnc v7 dust boot. just plain-er. the plans for the free one are on thingsverse.

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