Anyone with a big dust collector hook up that 4" (or greater) to the 1F?

Noob here (to all of Woodworking), so thanks in advance…

If ‘the more chips made, the more CFM is needed’, my question is whether anyone has hooked up a dust collector (as opposed to a vac with its high static pressure/suction)?

I was looking at this big ol’ dustboot (it has a 4" ducting option) and wondering if it got all the chips/dust better (I know it will get all the <= 1 micron ‘fines’ better).

Right now I have an ancient Craftsman shopvac with a Oneida Dust Deputy hooked up to the 1F Suckit Pro with 1.5’ bristles, but was wondering if there’s a better way before I settle on one hose/cord solution mentioned on these boards (like this). I don’t want to order something that holds a 2.5" hose only to end up using 4" from the DC.

Anyone notice the new “Infinite Dust Collection Kit”? Looks like both the Suckit, and a green v2 Suckit that collects from the rear. I wonder if rear collection is more successful?

I’m still waiting for my 1F but my plan is to use a 1hp DC. The only issue I can see with that dust boot is that the front edge will be hanging off the front of the work piece so it may not work well when the router is working near the front edge. If I had the means to make a boot I think I would make it curved to follow the shape of the router or spindle and the other 3 sides square. That would get the suction as close as possible to the router.

I’m thinking of trying one of these I’m going to be using a spindle that came with a mounting bracket that is useless for the 1F. So I was thinking of adding a clip to hold a 4" hose that mounts to the clamp. Then use the clamp at the top of the spindle. That way when I remove the front of the boot for a bit change I can easily pop the hose out of the clip and get it well out of the way without any tools.

I have a large central DC and I have been unsatisfied with the dust removal through the standard dust boot. So I bought the parts for PwnCNC v7 which allows 4" hose hookup. Fingers crossed! I will post when everything is setup.

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Waiting on PWNCNC for my 80mm with 4” dust boot. I have the spindle too. Just waiting on the 80mm mount among other pieces.

PWNCnc dustboot v7 works GREAT

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I have a 4" dust boot that can be 3d printed. I now have versions for both 65mm and 80mm spindles. Here are the 2 versions side-by-side.

The files are on Thingiverse - 65mm: OneFinity 4-inch Dust Boot by gopher5 - Thingiverse 80mm: Thingiverse:
I also have an Etsy shop if you want to buy one - Retired Side Hustle by HentgesWorkshop on Etsy

Dust Boot: how are you finding your dust boot? I’m finding the suckit dust system a bit wanting and a little fragile (or I’m heavy-handed :blush:).

It looks like the one you had in mind in this thread connects directly to the spindle rather than the z slider. How are you find that when the spindle moves up n down, different length bits? I assume you have to adjust its position on the spindle. Is that the case? Cheers.

Here’s my Amazon one. Occasionally I will slide it up or down on the spindle depending on bit length but for the most part this is where I leave it. My surfacing bit is much larger than the ones people use with their router and sticks down lower than most bits so I move it down. The end of the brush is about even with the but but they will bend out of the way if I’m making a deep cut. I like it because the brush is just around the bit. This means there’s no loosing suction because you are working near the front or rear edge of the piece.

It’s made for a 100mm spindle but comes with an adapter ring. I had to modify the back since I didn’t have access to a 3d printer make an offset adapter.

Great pictures, thank you. I’m going to give it a go.

Andy, I also use the PWN CNC v7 dust boot. I was planning on going with MikeH’s design but then I remembered that I’d be using the Jtech laser as an accessory. I liked the idea of having the tool-less ability to quickly remove the dust boot for when I want to use the laser.

As it turns out, going with the v7 dust boot was a very wise choice for my setup. I’ve been very happy with the quality and I found several other reasons to like the boot.

  1. Per my original reasoning, the dust boot is extremely easy to remove when wanting to use the laser. I also found that I’ll just leave the dust boot off completely for smaller toolpaths or situations where my clamping method might get in the way of the dust boot. I really REALLY like the ability to remove the dust boot without using tools. I install and remove my dust boot 10x more than I thought I ever would.

  2. Along the lines of easy removal comes easy adjustment to match bit height. Again without any tools, I can easily and quickly adjust the boot position for various bit sizes. I put the bottom of the bristles even with the bottom of the bit and run the file.

  3. I also really appreciate the magnetic dust hose disconnect. I can quickly and easily (again with no tools) remove my dust hose and get everything dust collector related off and way from my CNC when I’m not needing the DC.

  4. The magnetic hose disconnect is also great for extra table clean up. When I’m done with a file (especially profile cuts with a down cut endmill) I have a lot of dust left on the table after I pull the project off. This is mainly because the DC endmill likes to wedge chips down into the cut. I usually move my spindle out of the way and pull up the project. Then I can decouple the magnetic hose mount, suck up the leftover chips off the table, and reconnect the hose. Take me about 10 seconds. I love it!

  5. If I run a project with the dust boot off (per reason 1 above), I can easily disconnect the magnetic hose mount and manually follow the spindle holding the hose in my hand to suck up the chips.

For my workflow, I cannot imagine a better dust boot. The PWNCNC v7 is a very well thought out and designed piece of kit. I highly recommend it!

On a generic dust collection note: My cheap Harbor Freight 4" DC setup with a 4" Dust Deputy and 4" dust boot kicks my shop vac’s but in more ways than one (my other setup is a Craftsman vac with 2.5" hose and a 2.5" cyclone). Most important are better dust collection with the 4" setup and a quieter (lower pitch) sound level. If you run a 4" setup, run 4" from the DC to the boot for best collection.

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I went with the v7 4” pwncnc for my 80mm spindle for the exact same reasons, and I love it. I did upgrade the impeller on the dc to the WEN 12” impeller instead of the 10” one in there. It moves way more air and at around $35 was a great and cost effective improvement. 3403-022 was the part number from WEN. I asked for it on their support website. They invoiced it, I paid and they shipped it. Installing it wasn’t too difficult, but there are videos on how to do that on YouTube. That, and getting as much flex hose out of the system as possible, I get good suction 20 feet away(30+ of tune/hose) at the end of the line as I’ve got 4 overall drops from the dc. Took forever for me to get done, but worth it.

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Jared, you’re saying the Wen impeller works on the Harbor Freight 1HP dust collector? That’s interesting for sure. I don’t know if I’ll do the swap because I only have a singe 10ft run and get plenty of suction. Decent upgrade to keep in mind though.

saying that part works on the 2hp unit. I cutout the opening and increased to 6” too. It’s only 4” after the overall opening because I couldn’t find 5 or 6” pvc easily, whereas the 4” was readily available(yes I have it grounded well).

Only on the 2hp not 1 hp

Assuming no commission🤭 you make the pwncnc dust sound quite attractive. Hmmm!

At the moment, I’m bogged down doing something I thought I would not need to do; calibrating the CNC to improve accuracy if x travel.

I’ll give both dust boot options some thought; I’m keen to improve my dust removal after doing a bit of MDF routing; awful stuff.

At least on my 1HP dust collector the biggest issue was the plastic restrictor on the input and output of the fan. Unlike a thin metal one the plastic grid is so think that it created a huge restriction. I removed both of them and now it has more than enough suction for the 1F.