DIY Dust Boot for 1F

Has anyone tried making one of these?
Universal CNC Dust Shoe | Avid CNC. Curious how well it worked with the 1F


I made one of those. The only problem is that the Avid design doesn’t have enough of a gap between the spindle and the Z-axis to work correctly. I modified the design, 3d-printed a prototype to check my measurements, and found that the 3d printed version works great - so I haven’t carved this into a piece of HDPE plastic.

I really like having the dust boot attached to the spindle - helps me avoid clamps much easier.

I have the design on Thingiverse here: OneFinity 4-inch Dust Boot by gopher5 - Thingiverse (65mm spindle/router) and here: Onefinity 4-inch Dust Boot for 80mm spindle by gopher5 - Thingiverse (80mm spindle). I have an Etsy page as well if you don’t have a 3d printer.

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Thanks. I also like the idea of the shoe attached to the spindle as i’ve already had a couple of accidents with clamps and snapping the arms. I have 2 concerns though…
1 - my spindle has about 1 3/8’’ section that’s about 60mm before it opens up to 80mm. My concern with an 80mm boot is that it will sit too high on the spindle assuming i get one that is for an 80mm spindle. Which leads me to the second concern…
2 - i do quite a bit of carving with both short and long bits, which i’m assuming means i’ll need to raise and lower the boot on the spindle as i change to different length bits. With the arms on the Suck It dust boot design this isn’t a problem as you only have raise and lower when your work piece height changes not your bit length. So I’m concerned with the 60mm vs 80mm diameter situation with this spindle that raising and lowering it for different bits might be a problem.

My spindle doesn’t have that large of a gap between the bottom of the collet and the 80mm housing - I do think you’re going to have a tough time clamping around the 80mm housing. I do think that attaching to the 60mm area on your spindle would work though - but the dust boot would need some changes. Or, manufacture a spacer to bring the lower section out to 80mm and clamp across the housing and the spacer.

Ordinarily moving the boot around a little bit isn’t that big of a deal - another option is to utilize the fact that the brushes attach/remove via magnets to have 2 different brush lengths - so snap the one in that best matches the bit.

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