Dustboot to print

I shredded my dust boot twice, hence I created a file that is extremely easy to print. You will only need to add four 6x6mm rare earth magnets (please make sure to glue them in the right pole direction) and a 70mm CNC dust brush. Both can be attached with super glue.

The dust boot will attach to the original arm.

Here the link to download the files:


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Looks great. Ordered a pwncnc spindle and will need a new dust shoe soon.

@Geige, I am getting a 404 error. Were you able to post it 30 May? (Trying on 31 May).

I have had the same issue with thingiverse. Try to upload it on printables.com (prusa 3d repository)

Hopefully this will work:



Looks like a great design. Is there a chance you could share the original model or adjust for an 80mm spindle?

Yes, do you have Rhinoceros CAD software though? If so I will share a dropbox link.

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I have FreeCAD and Fusion360. Would you be able to export a .step file?

I’m currently in the middle of working out some kinks in a 3D printed boot to replace my old router mounted design I made. I’ll likely put this up on printables once I’m confident in the design.

Here is your step file.

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@Geige Thanks for putting the design up on Printables! I tried to access the Dropbox link for the step file but it’s no longer available. Anyway you could reupload the file or add the step file to the Printables page?


Here is the link:

Version 2.0 works with the 65 mm spindle or Makita router, but I think the position of the magnet holes is not perfect, you might want to move the magnet holes 3mm north if I remember correctly. There is very little space for the dust boot between the router and the z-gantry, someone mentioned before that 1F was really good at keeping that distance as small as possible, so it works best if it sits slightly below the z-gantry. If you are going to move the magnet holes please let me know, I will update my dropbox files.

Version 3.0 is for the 80mm spindle holder with a 65mm spindle and a reducer ring. Version 3.0 is near perfect, you could reduce the hole for the spindle by a few mm, but it is good enough for me. Or enlarge the hole and use it with the 80mm spindle. This version fits very well because the 65 mm spindle is slightly further apart from the z-gantry. I printed two, one with a 70mm, the other one with a 100mm brush. They work really well.

You will find Rhino7 3dm, step, and stl files of both versions in the link.

The dust boot works with a 4 inch hose, but you can easily print a reducer for a shop vac.

I wanted to have the option to upgrade to a 80mm spindle with an ATC, when I do there will be version 4.

Here the name and size of the magnets: FINDMAG 50 Pack Refrigerator Magnets, 6x3mm please remember to check for the right pole direction before gluing them.
and the name of the dust brush: BestTeam Vacuum Cleaner Engraving Machine Dust Cover, 70mm/100mm Brush

Whoever download those files, please give me a thumbs up, thanks!


Thank you! And thanks for including the material items. Downloaded the files and liked your post.

I’ll be using V2, so I’ll likely move the magnet holes. By north, do you mean closer to the back of the CNC in the Y direction or upward in the Z direction?

I just copied the position of the magnet holes from Version 3.0 to 2.0 and updated the Rhino, step and stl file. Please download version 2.0 again, and you should be good.