Suck it adjustment for 80mm

Recently upgraded to an 80mm spindle. (main reason to clear that stepper motor) Discovered that the two black magnetic bars on the suck it boot need to extend beyond the second screw down to be centered wit the bit. With two small screws created a fix. Photos…

Note to Onefinity a simple redesign would make this bar usable for both sizes. Maybe it’s been done? or I missed something?

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Hi William, yes I noticed that on my machine as well. The 80MM mount put the center a 1/4 of an inch back. It did not affect me much until I used smaller bits the had to get deeper in the Suck-It boot. It would hit the vacuum ring and is very close to the size of the spindle body. After reading about several people destroying their arms, I opted to design the side arms and 3D print them. The stock magnet pieces gave me some wiggle room with my measurements.

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I made these recently for someone on the fb group, haven’t heard back yet but if you want to try them out I can send you a set too…


I enjoy creative people! Your 80mm dust boot extension bars work great.
Magnets….Align and hold well.

Adjustment spacing slot is just right.
I lowered the spindle to put the collet nut inside the boot to perfectly center the whole boot. (This was also a good reminder to switch out the clear plate to the larger hole diameter.)

Not sure if anyone is making these, but, it maybe worth listing and mentioning on the Onefinity site.
I do not know how Etsy works, how do I find your site?

Thanks again, Bill

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Hey Bill, glad they worked out for you. I will make some more and add them to the Etsy store to see if there is interest.

My store is:

Do you sell the STL files for this?

Thanks Buddy

I will, but I’ve had a heck of a time printing these… I’m trying to figure out if it’s the 3d model or slicing issues. Want to give the STL a spin on your printer?

Thanks, yes I would like to try and print it and see how it turns out.

I sent you a link to the STL file. I believe the issue may be related to shrinking of the second half of the print that has very thin walls. I redid the model last night and it printed well, going to put it through it’s paces today to make sure it’s good to go. Let me know how yours prints.

I will give it a try shortly and let you know the results.


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Printed them today with PLA filament and they turned out great!

Thanks again.


Good to hear! The holes are designed for 7x4mm magnets.

I ran a batch of 10 last night if anyone needs them. I never knew how much fun it was working with magnets… :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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Are you open to sharing the STL file with me?