Which Dust Boot?

For those who have had both - which is better? The PwnCNC or the SuckIt?

If you plan on building an enclosure the PWN CNC Boot is better as the Vacuum attachment point is in the back vs the front with the Suck IT.

I prefer a dust boot attached to the router/spindle, over the SuckIt design. I run into way fewer clamps now!


Hard to say which is better since I only have the PWNCNC v2 (rear mount shop vacuum version). It works fabulously! I am still in the early stages of using my onefinity woodworker. One week without a dust boot and two with it. Not only am I no longer chasing the Makita around with the vac hose, but the shop is ridiculously cleaner. very little escapes the v2 and what does is biggish (visible) chips that bounce out. The fine dust that settles over everything when cutting MDF is gone.

If you go PWN, I suggest read the page on how to decide which to get. For once I paused to read rather than impulsively buying. I would have purchased the highest version number thinking it must be the best. Instead, each version has a different function.


Thanks. I also found the “versions” thing to be confusing. Perhaps they should call them “models” or something!

@MikeH which boot are you using? I stopped using clamps all together for fear of hitting them. I use braid nails or the glue and tape method

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I ended up making my own!

Mainly because I wanted a 4" dust hose connector - and funnelling down a 4" hose on the suck-it was just not that great. I have both 65mm and 80mm versions on Thingiverse: OneFinity 4-inch Dust Boot by gopher5 - Thingiverse and Onefinity 4-inch Dust Boot for 80mm spindle by gopher5 - Thingiverse

I also have them on Etsy for those that don’t have a 3-D printer.


@MikeH can you send the link to your product on Etsy.

Here you go: Retired Side Hustle by HentgesWorkshop on Etsy

I’m using a ridgid 2” shop vac. How much to create a boot for that?

Where do you get the brush?

I have one designed that will work with a 2” hose and the 65mm spindle. It would be the same price as the others – $80 for a full dust boot. I updated the listing on the main dust boot so that there’s an option for a 2” dust hose.



I’ve switched to this brush lately: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07VQX6CZG/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

+1 on the KentCNC dust boot. They make a great product and will customize a boot for you, although I’m sure that would be a tad pricier than an “off the shelf” model. Either way, you can’t go wrong.