Dust Boot for Makita vote

It seams of the 200 or so makes and variations there simply is not “great” option for the Makita router option. The option for my 4x8 Laguna table has never been wonderful either. I have seen so many different and frankly desperate designs; I wouldn’t even know where to start a new design that hasn’t already been tried. I’m completely convinced that there never will be a “great” option… So, my only option appears to be to shoot for mediocre! I’m planning on attaching a 2.5 vac line. Stuck between Sweepy and Suck-it (great place to be stuck)… 1 for sweepy and 2 for suck-it.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, Sola Fide Designs (maker of the Nighthawk) recently released a new design called the Raptor.

Take it for what it’s worth because the raptor is the only dust boot system I’ve used, but I love it. I’m using a 4 inch hose though, so I can’t speak to the version using the smaller hose. I have zero complaints and it works great.

here’s a couple videos on it:

hope this is helpful!

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Looks like it works well. Probably going to catch a boat load of flack for this, but not really into relying on 3d prototyping for usable tools. Looking for something machined or molded. Ever though of actually putting it into production?

Put me in the Suck-It camp.
I have zero complaints about it. I’m using my own designed & 3D printed arms to allow for the 80mm spindle mount offset, along with the normal boot body. It does everything I need. :+1:t3:

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Nighthawk, Suck-it, Sweepy, and Tilecnc… I went with the Titecnc boot. The major difference is in relation to airflow. The router fan pushes a large volume of air out the bottom, which I don’t see any need taking up volume in my vac line since it has nothing to do with dust collection. Only one took this volume of air into consideration… Titecnc boot diverts this large volume of air out the side so no air is pushed out the bottom of the router, thus allowing the vac to use more of its cfm’s for actual dust collection. I don’t like the fact it’s printed and not produced… but that is the only thing that bothered me so far…

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