Looking for 80mm dust boot recommendations

I see that there are a bunch of choices out there and I am interested on the experiences the group has had with various versions to help me choose what is right for me.

I will be using a WEN dust collection setup, I have 4 inch hose but can get whatever size I need, the port on the dust collection system is 4 inch

Thank you in advance and Im grateful be a part of this community!

Hey Aaron,

I liked @adamfenn28 Adam’s Big Suck project. I think I would like to test it!


My top pick now is the Big Suck, see my recent bake off video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijQPHk08Jqw&t=6s

Besides the fact that it tested with the best performance, it’s got other features that make it superior in my opinion.

  1. It doesn’t block the accessory mount on the spindle mount so you don’t have to constantly remove your laser/camera/etc to make room for the boot.
  2. You can remove the front easily, as it’s magnetically held on, to make tool changes super easy, and to provide a clear view of the tool for either your eyes, or a camera.
  3. The brush tracks are swappable. Just pull the track forward and it will pop out and you can insert a different with a brush of a different length installed.
  4. Because it’s rear mount, the hose and the boot won’t be bumping into your G3 Touch when in the home position.

Besides the performance, those are the main benefits. It’s very similar to the very popular PwnCNC v9, but with swappable tracks and a lot higher performance.

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Would the big suck work with a 35mm hose from a festiool dust extractor?

You’d have to have an adapter from a 4" hose, and I’m not sure how that would affect the performance. I’d love to test that.

Aaron, I use Wen with Nighthawk 4’’ and I really like it. I have nothing else to compare it to, so I might be a bit bias. :sweat_smile: