4 inch dust port on back of router instead of front?

Was wondering if anyone has/had hooked up a dust boot to a 4 inch port coming from a DC?

Toying with the idea as I have DC pipe right above where I will be putting the machine and would save us having to buy a new shop vac and such.

Also, would it be possible to run the pipe behind the rails instead of in the front? Maybe by making the dust boot longer?

Thoughts and ideas welcome.

Haven’t tried it yet as my machine wont be here until July, but is my plan as I have my DC 4" pipe right above where my OF will go. Pretty sure its going to work.

I ended up making one - modified a plan I found on-line. Here’s the info:

Thingiverse (free .STL files): OneFinity 4-inch Dust Boot by gopher5 - Thingiverse
Etsy store if you want me to 3-d print them for you: HentgesWorkshop - Etsy
Original site I used as a starting point for the model, includes shopping list for hardware: Universal CNC Dust Shoe | Avid CNC
Assembly video for the original: Making a DIY Dust Shoe for the Benchtop Standard CNC Machine - YouTube

I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now, 3-d printed it as a prototype - and it works so well I don’t think I’ll be making the HDPE version.

You can get a 4" → 2.5" adapter for the SuckIt boot - I did that for a while, and it worked better than I thought it would. But a true 4" DC connection has been better.

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I am using a PWNCNC dust boot , that is what i like about it having the hose at the back , for a 4 inch hose it could be done with an adapter, on my part i am using a 2 1/2 hose and it is great



Which version of their boot are you using? Did you get the file from Thingiverse and print your own or did you buy it from them directly? I really like the concept of getting that boot behind the machine and out of my constant way… thinking of making the switch myself.


Thanks Yvon for the pictures and information.
Now to fire off an email to @OnefinityCNC to see if they will remove the dust boot from my order or give a refun as we are schedule to receive our machine next week. Looking forward to it.

Hi Alex
I am using the v3 that, and printed it my self from Thingiverse and desing the 90 deg elbown in fusion 360.

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Thank Yvon, your setup looks pretty sweet.


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As usual, @OnefinityCNC quality of service is exceptional.
Keep up the good work.