TinySucker. My Custom dust shoe

My SuckIt developed a crack so decided to just design my own DustShoe and 3D printed it. I also made a simple hose management to goes with it.


Very nice. I have the suckit dust boot, have not had it long and have already cracked the inner shield. Interesting to see that the suction is efficient without a plate around the Collette area. From where did you get the brush strip? Any thoughts on sharing your design (f360 or stl :grin:)

That’s pretty cool. One thing I’ve noticed about the SuckIt boot is that moving from back to front on the table doesn’t suck up the dust very well. How does your smaller boot do with that?

Ok reuse the 1" brush strip that came with SuckIt. I think you can also buy it from McMaster.

Im comparison with my SuckIt, it pick up better due to small cavities and have more air pressure.

Are you willing to share the files and accept a donation?

I just uploaded it.

TinySucker by Siganberg - Thingiverse

As always, if you find it useful, tips are welcome.