Z Axis Vacuum Hose Clip

Here is a clip that attaches to the Z Axis stepper motor and manages the Vacuum hose.
It is up on my Etsy Shop as a physical item or digital download

Also If you are about to purchase the Vacuum Hose boom this new Z Axis clip is included if you purchase the clip option

Onefinity VERSION 3 Z Clip for Vacuum Hose - Etsy


Another amazing product Peter! That was the one thing that irritated me about the whole hose situation is it sat to the left or right of the stepper, and if it was on the right it hit those wires.

Just purchased and it was the best $8.00 I’ve spent all week!

Keep up the amazing creativity!


@MindOfMcClure. Thanks Alex!!!

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Nice job pete. It’s working FANTASTIC on mine!

This looks great to take care of the floppiness of the vacuum hose. I have just ordered one.

Thanks Pete.

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@RowdyRoman, I ordered the hose boom with the clips a while ago. Since then, I have purchased a 3D printer. Any chance you can send me the file so I can print it out myself?



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@ghestrada Thanks for the interest. I have the digital files on my Etsy Shop here:


Oh, I thought that the new Z hose clip was included in new orders, that it would be retroactive for those that had ordered the boom with clips previously.

No big deal. I’ll download it and print it this weekend.


Peter, the Vac Hose Clip just arrived… snapped on like a Glove! I’m going to run a cut tonight but as far as stability “that thing aint goin nowhere”.

Great Job!