How to order the hose boom (even though it shows out of stock)

All accessories can be ordered from our site. There’s only one exception (at this point) and that is the Hose and Router Cable Boom. Since we are working with a fellow maker and he sells it on his Etsy shop, it’s a little more tricky to get the purchase button to link. They ARE IN STOCK on his Etsy page. That link is in the product description and we also posted it below. Thanks and be safe!

On the site it asks what size clips what does that refer to?

Hey Jase,
Some customers do not have the luxury of having a designated vacuum hose for their cnc. Therefore the clips provide two things. One you can easily unattach your vacuum hose because it is not zip tied to the hose boom and secondly the clips have additional holes/clips for water lines if you decide to go with a spindle. Let me know if you have any additional questions

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