First Three Projects

…and of course, all things for my 1F!

Just got up and running and I’ve actually made three things, waste-board, overhead vac-hose holder and a probe holder from a scrap piece of padauk.


Rob, I love the overhead holder! I either need to build something like that or get some drag chains, right now my router cord is just dangling behind. How much clearance do you have between the top of the Makita and the bottom of the ply?

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Really nice design for the hose and cord holder. Do you plan on making those files available? Excellent work.

Thx! The router moves up and down of course but when it’s all the way up, 100mm clearance. There’s 35mm clearance over stepper motor.

Happy to make file available if anyone’s interested. Not exactly sure how to do that—did it in Fusion 360. Is there some specific place in the forum to share these things?

I attached the F360 file.
vac hose holder v79.f3d (793.1 KB)

Nice, thanks for the info!

That’s a lot fancier than my dust hose holder thingy

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Awesome job. Will be building for my new machine. What hose did you use? Looks like the heavy duty Rigid hose… 2.5"?

Actually the orange one is the Ridgid “premium car cleaning accessory” kit. A 1.5" hose. It came with the large vac I got. Here’s the link:

Hardest part was finding adaptors to connect it to the 2.5" hose that comes from the vac. I ended up having to buy two. Links:


The fit into each other and connect to the 2.5". See pic. I did it this way cause I wanted to be able to easily detach the large hose from the small one to vac around the shop.

Hey, thanks for this! I was looking at ordering a hose boom off Etsy but the cost + shipping to Canada makes things a little bit pricey. I figured there must be some other homemade solution I could tinker with, but this looks perfect. I have the same hose too, so it should turn out great.

Nice! If you’re in Fusion 360, I posted my model above. You’re welcome to it if it helps.