Vacuum Table Option

Been seeing everyone’s spoil board/hold down systems, good stuff indeed.

Wondering if anyone has thought about a vacuum table addon like CNCNutz. I’d of course defiantly use an actual vacuum pump and not a shop vac.


Funny you posted this. Just yesterday i became under full realization that I need a Vacuum table. New to CNC but been doing a lot of small cutouts. My shop vac has been sucking them up off the table. They are to small for tabs. and they come out so much cleaner with out tabs. be really cool if i could use it as a sanding table as well when im not using the cnc

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I seen that video last week–I’m adding it to my to do list–really like the design.


Did you ever end up building one?

Mount your sander in place of the spindle and go for it. :slight_smile:

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I want too, got some idea’s on how too, but really have not tried anything. still could desperately use one. I did switch to painters tape and just cover the entire back of the board so my small parts would not get sucked up.

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I’ve got a Black Box Vacuum Storm on its way. I’ll be designing and implementing both the plenum and plumbing once it arrives. It’ll be a 2 zone system as I’ve got the journeyman. So each zone will be 24x32. I’ll probably use both most of the time as I do lots of sheet stock work. But I want the option to not. I’ve got journeyman with QCW at this point. So I’ll implement the table on top of the qcw :slight_smile:
Go to if you wanna look at the vacuum.

That thing is sucking some serious money out of your wallet. :money_with_wings:

I hope performance is in line with its price.


I’ll definitely let everyone here know on that one, lol. It’s a business investment. As long as it works, and works well, it’ll really help with my time. It should pay itself off in the first year, or month, lol


I think I am going to turn my old waste board into a 24x24 and see if I can run it off my shop vac. I need something to allow me to mill thin plastics for the magnetic quick swap router shields for the suckit. Doing it with blue tap and super glue gave me inconsistent depth and i had to throw away about half the recent batch because they came a little loose.

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