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Hi everyone
Looking for info on the best vacuum pump for using on a 28” x 17” vacuum table top I’m making. I want to make sure I get the best suction. What do I need to be looking out for in a vacuum pump specs?

Here’s some videos I found helpful. I use a vacuum motor in my setup vs an actual pump. Pumps large enough to pull vacuum on a table the size of these machines is very expensive and you don’t need that much vacuum to create holding adequate for the machine. A pump would be more appropriate with a mill machining metal.

Seller of Vacuum Motors spec’d for cnc router table setups

CNCNutz great video on his table details a shop vac he uses

The last is a great video explaining the different motors, very informative if your new to motors.

I went with the Amtek in the first link

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Thanks for the great info.
What one did you get I see many styles with that name.

This one

Amtek 122176-18 120V

Its under 15AMPS so can run on my spare garage circuit without tripping a breaker. I also added a simple speed controller from Amazon

Take note on the shop bot page of the setup to mount. The stud with sets of double nuts to lock the motor in place is important. You want a tight seal but need to keep the suction from crushing the motor housing and damaging the motor blades. The owner of that site was very helpful on the phone and email if you have questions. I have my motor mounted and its a monster. Much stronger than my giant craftsman shop vac. Glad I bought the motor controller I don’t think I’ll need all the suction it can provide and running the motor at half speed makes a difference.

That motor is spec for a 36x48 table BTW. There are videos on determining CFM needed for holding power. If I can find them I’ll share and then you buy the motor that works for that.

I’ll be sharing a write up of my build soon, I’m hoping to finish cutting the table itself this week since I’m off work and finally have time to finish.

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Great thanks
I seen some on YouTube using

I have a similar one I use for a 24x48 vacuum forming machine. I guess it could work if you had an aluminum platen with ports but if your pulling vacuum through MDF like I am, it would not last. I have mine mated to a 30galon tank to run my machine and it will hold vacuum but not pull it fast enough for CNC work holding.

CNCNutz video will go into detail into a CFM based methodology if your curious. If you do use an actual pump keen to see how it works.

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Thanks for everything!! I’m going to try with my shop vac first it’s not a big vacuum table I’m making .
Great videos learned a lot. Thanks

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