Vacuum table top

Hi everyone
Has any one made a vacuum table top ? If so any input would be great.

I’m making one now. Setting up the PVC from the motor today. Try starting here CNCNUTZ CNC Vacuum Table Holding Play List.

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Is your plan to utilize MDF as the vacuum board?

If you carve up the spoilboard does it eventually lose its vacuum in specific areas. Work holding is a PITA. Between tape, clamps, resurfacing, it becomes a deterrent imo.

It can lose holding power if you allow air to escape around the spoil board damage. One solution for that is the seal it with a sheet of plastic over the entire platen where your not holding. Realistically if you can seal up more area outside of your work piece the better holding you get overall. The tolerance for air loss largely depends on your vacuum source and power. That’s where the vac motor’s CFM and single/vs dual stage abilities make the difference.

This is my source

Central Vac Motors for Vacuum Holding Tables

If you want a primer on vacuum sources this video was helpful

Vacuum Motor Terms


So far I’ve been putting a board on my spoil board then my work on top of that to save my spoil board. If I were to redo it I might not use any t-track, nuts, dog holes, etc. just a sheet of MDF; tape and glue seem to work great.


Thanks everyone for the tips.
I do a lot of acrylic cutting with my cmc 1/8 to 3/16 think and I’m trying to get away from using tabs so I think a vacuum table would work great
Size I’m thinking is 26x26 would work great for what I’m doing with the acrylic parts. The parts are for custom acrylic cases I make for my customers. What I do know is tabs and then take them off the cnc and use my router table to take the tabs off o like to skip this part.
Thanks again!!

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