X-50 drag chain mount

Hi All,
Just wondering if anyone has a print file for a drag chain bracket or mount for the X-50 rail. Or if there is anything available for purchase.

I think this should work… you just need more aluminum. Drag Chain Cable Raceway for Onefinity CNC by muddyfeet - Thingiverse

Thank you. That was where I got my files from originally and printed the parts. The 2 brackets at either end of the Y rail fit properly but the mount for the X rail didn’t fit. My guess is that it was designed for the 35mm model. I’ve got the 50mm.
I ended up just designing and printing a new x axis bracket to complete it. Not as nice but it did the job.

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You are right @Kjohn . Both X Support will have to be redesign to work with Journeyman. Will try to contact muddyfeet for that.

Each End () will need to be strech by about 12mm (see images).


It would be great if @muddyfeet could shift his design or provide the design files.

Replacement available here.

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