Issue with X-50 Woodworker Footprint

So I just received my Woodworker this week and when offered the X-50 upgrade I took it. I’ve built the Fisher flip table for mounting the machine. I made no modifications to the size of the table as I had seen in a couple different places that the X-50 had the same footprint as the X-35. The problem is I don;t think it really does have the same footprint. The high torque stepper motor included with the X-50 is about 3/4" deeper than the X-35 stepper meaning that the X- axis is 3/4" longer than the published footprint specs. As such this unit still fits the Fisher flip table but as it needed to shift to the left to accomodate the deeper stepper motor I have lost 3/4" on the left side that I was going to use the route the drag chain. I think I have a solution for the drag chain involving purchasing a narrower chain and I’ll have to redesign and reprint the brackets for holding the chain.

I’m just posting this as a head’s up and, at the same time, hoping I didn’t just miss any previous posts addressing this difference.


I’m new to CNC and still waiting on my journeyman arrival so if this is dumb….
Best I can tell the drag chain lays on the table or in an aluminum channel. What keeps it from flopping around when the table is flipped or stood up for storing?