X-50 Modified parts for Drag Chain Cable Raceway for Onfinity CNC

Earlier this week, I received my X-50 Woodworker and proceeded to set it up and install cable management that I printed off Thingiverse, under the title “Drag Chain Cable Raceway for OneFinity CNC”. These files, by Kevin McCann and located under Thingiverse number 4619804, were designed for the X-35 Woodworker. Unfortunately, due to changes to the X Axis, two parts will not fit on the X-50. As such, I have modified the story files to compensate for the differences between the X-35 and the X-50, and will work on both the Woodworker and the Journeyman. These new files can be found on Thingiverse number 4996178. Unfortunately I am unable to upload the files here.


Thank you so much, @JimAlex ! I had reached out to MF but hadn’t received a reply. I had attempted to convert the mesh in F360 and alter for the x50 but my F360 skills and the number of faces in the models really were beyond my ability. I purchased the Route1 models, which work but I also had to purchase new drag chains as that model used 15x30mm chains. I had already printed Muddy’s models for a 15x40mm chain.

No problem… I chose this system because I liked how the drag chain rested in the aluminum rails. Since I have been using 3D printing for over a year, the mod was not that difficult. Personally I use Microsoft. 3D builder for most simple designs as it is easy to use.


Same here! Plus, I really liked Muddy’s design style. The parts are well thought out and were accurate. I don’t blame him for not creating an x50 mod yet; he had the x35 - no reason to create it. What I really like about this community is the openness and sharing. No one treats anyone like a NOOB, regardless of the questions.


Thanks @JimAlex, I appreciate you modifying the file. If you can, I would recommend listing it as a remix of @muddyfeet design primarily so that people can find your design easier.

I tried, when I first posted the files, to link it, or make it a Remix, but Muddy Feet does not allow it on his post. In lieu of remix, I put the details in the narrative.

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Hi @JimAlex! Thanks for your work on this!

What slicer did you use for your print? I’m getting some model errors in Cura.

I use Ultimaker Cura on my Apple Mac Book… it is the software that came with my 3d printer.

I had no issue with his files in PrusaSlicer.

I had no issues with Cura slicing for my Ender 3

I wish i had seen this thread before the weekend, i have literally just finished printing these & got my journeyman yesterday & did a bit of a dry run & thought “that aint gonna fit”.

Thanks for the upload though